So we started writing questions almost 10 years ago and in 2013 we started writing pub quiz questions in the speed quizzing format to use at local quizzes but in 2014 we launched a website where other hosts could find and purchases additional quiz packs to enhance there own quiz nights. 

While host's when purchasing activations to use the speed quizzing software on a professional basis they also receive a bundle of 61 questions, but for many hosts, they needed more or they wanted a choice of a themed quiz and that is the reason this website exists. 

We have an amazing database of 50,000+ quiz questions and 3,000+ ready-made speed quiz packs for anyone to download and use.  

Our aim is to be the biggest supplier of pub quiz questions on the web.

We want to work closely with our customers to help them find what they need to run a successful smartphone quiz. 

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