How to set up and start using the speedquizzing software.

How to set up and start using the speedquizzing software.

Step 1

If playing for fun/free at home and just 4 teams then your home wifi will be fine.

Professional users should consider the

recommended router

Step 2

In this video you will see how to add teams to the software and select a team buzzer sound and more. 

Ask your teams to now download the app if they haven't done it yet. 

Go to the devices app store and search for

'Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer' and download the free app

Step 3

Step 3

Quizsentials is the old name for what we now call Keypad.

In this video you will learn all the different styles of games which you can play using this software. 

Plus how to ask questions to your teams and what info hosts get to see while in play. 

Step 4

Step 4

Add a twist to your quizzes by offering a bonus for fastest correct answer. 

Learn how to ajust points on the fly.

Step 5

Add a twist to your quizzes by offering the go wide feature which allows teams to give two answers by only earning half the points.

Step 6

Learn to add teams during a quiz and help them select a team buzzer sound. 

Learn to host a buzzer game.

Step 7

A different style of Buzzer game - 

Buzzin Advanced. ​

Step 7

Nearest Wins game - 

These questions are designed to be more difficult and in this game we are just looking for the nearest to the correct answer. Usually used to reward high and can change the overall outcome of the quiz event when used. 

Step 8

Demo mode Vs Professional Use

As mentioned you can use SpeedQuizzing software for free but it will be limited to just 4 devices/teams. All features and quiz games downloaded from this site will work as expected and available to use as often as you like in both demo and professional mode. This video does show how you can use it for larger groups of teams. 

Why not download and register the software now and come back and shop from thousands of quiz packs in our store.

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