Follow along with these easy steps and you will soon be playing speedquizzing with family and friends.

Step 1.

Download the desktop app for Mac or Windows PC.

Screenshot 2018-09-26 10.13.14.png

Step 3.

In this demo video, we have installed it on a Mac but its pretty the same on a Windows PC. 

Allow access where permission is required from you.

Follow along and the install should take no more than 2 minutes from start to finish.

When complete the app will open and ask if you want to play in Demo mode or Professional mode.

For home use and play with just 4 teams, we recommend selecting demo each time you use it. 

Step 4.

Now you need some quiz packs and games to play. 

We have thousands of them right here in our store. 

Purchase individual packs for a one-off game every now and again or become a subscription member for unlimited downloads for just €25 per month. 


Screenshot 2018-09-26 11.06.21.png

Step 6.

Ask your family and friends to now download the free 'SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer' app from there app store.

Ask them to make sure they are all on the same home WiFi as your PC which you have downloaded and installed the SpeedQuizzing PC App.


Open the app once connected to the same WiFi as the computer running the software, enter the team name and hit connect.

If you have any questions using speedquizzing for home use then please visit our FAQ or Message us.

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