Recommend a quiz pack.

We have a massive database of over 50,000 pub quiz questions from which we can easily make themed quiz packs, 

so for example when we type a keyword into that database we get a search result of every question we wrote with that
keyword. If for some reason you have not been able to find the quiz pack you wanted then why not suggest it to us and let us compose it and add it to the store.

Earn Store Credit.

Are you a speed quizzing host who writes his or her own themed quiz packs? If so we would like to do business with you. We want to keep growing this store to the monster it can be and offer the most selection of quiz packs for this format on the internet. 

We currently offer over 3,000 quiz packs of which are mostly general knowledge potluck quiz packs but we are always looking for new themed quizzes. 
Each quiz pack of (20 Questions) is worth €1 store credit and packs of 10 are worth €0.50c. 
You can submit as many as you like and once we have proofread them and submit them to the store we will send you credit for the packs we use. 
The packs you submit must not be made available on other sites such as Facebook groups for hosts to use free as this would make your packs in our store valueless. 
There is no limit to how many packs you can send or the credit which you can make with us, but credit can NOT be used as or towards a membership plan. 

How to Submit a Quiz

Use the form to submit your themed quizzes, to use simply add your

details and select the 'Trade a Pack for Credit' under the (Pick Your Favorite) box which will reveal the 'upload' button for you to start uploading packs. 

We will review these and get back to the email address you submitted with your store credit discount code. 

The discount code must be used in one single transaction and NOT over multiple transactions.

If sending more than one pack please compress the files into a zip folder and then upload them to us.

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